2017/18 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Hobby Box

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Brand: Upper Deck
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Each box contains:
• 3 Autograph Cards
• 5 Numbered Cards


2017/18 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey Hobby Box


Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey delivers rookie cards in a totally unique fashion

Limited to a Mere 33 Top Prospects Each With 3 Different Base Set Rc’s.
Including: Common Rookies #’D To 999, Uncommon Autograph Rookies #’D To 349 or Less, Rare Inscribed Autograph Rookies #’D To 49 & Rare Rookies #’D To 25.
Look For Stunning Green Rainbow Foil Relic Variations Of The 33-Card Rookie Subsets.

Common Rookies Jersey #’D To 399, Uncommon Rookies Patch #’D To 35 & Rare Rookies Tag #’D To 5.
Find Three Unique Plexi-Glass Autograph Inserts.

Ice Scripts Featuring A Hard-Signed Autograph From Young, Veteran And Retired Nhl Stars Directly On Stunning Plexiglas Substrate.
New Scripted Hall Of Fame Plaques Featuring Hard Signed Hall Of Fame Autographs Inspired by The Players Plaque Hanging In The Hall Of Fame.
Personal Scripts Are Back With An Update Design On Plexi-Glass.
Signature Pucks Are Back And Ready To Score Some Big Hits For Collectors.

Showcasing Nhl Superstars And Rookies Alike, Score Some Of The Biggest Names In The Game Today.
We Have More! Find Some Of The Greatest To Ever Play The Game In The Hall Of Fame Signature Puck Subset.
New Stanley Cup Champions And Trophy Winner Signature Pucks Featuring Signatures Of Past Champions And League Award Winners.
The Popular Tryptich Inserts Return With A Whole New Array Of Themed Memorabilia And Autograph Cards.

Featuring A Wide Array Of Memorabilia Including Jersey, Patch, Strap, Tag, Glove, Blocker, Leg Pad, Skates And Sticks.



Rookie Cards + Parallels

Common Rookies – #’d to 999
Uncommon Autograph Rookies Tier 1 – #’d to 349
Uncommon Autograph Rookies Tier 2 – #’d to 249
Uncommon Autograph Rookies Tier 3– #’d to 149
Uncommon Rookies - #’d to 149
Rare Autograph Rookies – #’d to 49
Rare Rookies - #’d to 25
Triple Rookie Auto – #’d to 25
Common Rookies Green Jersey Parallel – #’d to 399
Uncommon Rookies Green Patch Parallel – #’d to 35
Rare Rookies Green Tag Parallel  – #’d to 5
Common Rookies Black Parallel – #’d to 99
Uncommon Autograph Rookies Black Parallel – Varied #ing
Uncommon Rookies Black Parallel – Varied #ing
Rare Autograph Rookies Black Parallel – #’d to 3
Rare Rookies Black Parallel - #’d to 3
Triple Rookie Autograph Black Parallel – #’d 1-of-1

Tryptich Relics Jersey – varied #ing
Tryptich Relics Premium Memorabilia – varied #ing
Tryptich Signatures – varied #ing
Triple Relics – varied #ing
Honorary Triple Swatches – varied #ing
Autographed Pucks

Signature Pucks – inserted 1:18
Signature Pucks, Team Logos Parallel – #’d to 18
Signature Pucks, NHL Shield Logo Parallel –#’d to 3
Stanley Cup Championship Signature Pucks – inserted 1:560
Stanley Cup Championship Signature Pucks  Team Logo Parallel – #’d to 10
Stanley Cup Championship Signature Pucks   Stanley Cup Logo Parallel – #’d to 3
Trophy Winners Signature Pucks – inserted 1:560
Trophy Winners Signature Pucks Team Logo Parallel – #’d to 8
Trophy Winners Signature Pucks NHL Shield Logo Parallel – #’d to 2
Hall of Fame Signature Puck – inserted 1:560
Hall of Fame Signature Puck Team Logo Parallel - #’d to 10
Hall of Fame Signature Puck HOF Logo Parallel - #’d to 3
Combo Signature Pucks – inserted 1:560
Combo Signature Pucks Team Logo Parallel - #’d to 5
Combo Signature Pucks NHL Shield Logo Parallel - #’d 1-of-1
Signed Plexi-Glass

Ice Scripts – inserted 1:85
Personal Script – inserted 1:500
Scripted Hall of Fame Plaques – #’d to 25
Base Card Parallels

Regular Cards, Blue Rainbow Parallel – #’d to 999
Regular Cards, Green Rainbow Jersey Relics Parallel – Varied #’ing
Regular Cards, Black Rainbow Prime Material Relics Parallel – Varied #’ing
Regular Cards

50 Regular Cards