Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Majestic Dawn 10-Card Booster Pack

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Eevee gains two more evolutions in Majestic Dawn, Garchomp LV.X, 3 new Fossils—Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, and Old Amber and new Special Energy cards that could go into any deck!




Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Majestic Dawn 10-Card Booster Pack 


Find out what's beyond the newest horizon in Diamond & Pearl—Majestic Dawn!


Take It Eevee 

One of the most anticipated groups of Pokémon has arrived! Eevee gains two more evolutions in Majestic Dawn, bringing the total number of evolutions it has to seven, and you'll find each of them in this set! Leafeon (7/100) traps the opponent's Defending Pokémon in the battle, locking it in for future damage with Leaf Guard's combination of hard hits and built-in defense. Glaceon (5/100) can nullify incoming attacks when using its Snow Cloak each turn, and then kicks into high gear with Speed Slide, which avoids all kinds of defenses. One of the best parts of using Eevee and its evolutions is the amount of options you have for adding extra Pokémon types to your deck—it's easy to do and fun besides!


There's a New LV.X Pokémon on the Block, and It's Coming for You! 

Garchomp LV.X (97/100) breaks all kinds of rules, but as it's one of the most powerful Pokémon out there, no one is stopping it! Its Dragon Pulse Poké-Power has the ability to damage all of your opponent's Benched Pokémon when Garchomp comes into play. In addition to being able to use the regular Garchomp's attacks, it has a no-cost Restore attack. Restore allows you to bring any 1 of your Pokémon back from the discard pile and put it directly into play—even a Stage 2. That Pokémon doesn't come in empty-handed, either, as it gets up to 3 basic Energy cards from the discard pile as well. Garchomp LV.X is powerful and extremely useful in bringing back Pokémon that have been Knocked Out.


Latest News in Rock 

Majestic Dawn introduces 3 new Fossils—Dome Fossil, Helix Fossil, and Old Amber. Dome Fossil (89/100) and Helix Fossil (91/100) offer speedy evolutions into their Stage 1 forms—just by attaching an Energy card! Old Amber (84/100) quickly evolves into Aerodactyl (15/100), whose Primal Claw Poké-Body puts 2 damage counters on your opponent's Pokémon any time that Pokémon uses a Poké-Power. Get Aerodactyl out fast for some easy damage. Fossils offer a variety of strategies for your game—you'll want to check these out!


Energize Your Game! 

Every deck uses Energy cards. Most often, these will be basic Energy cards to match the Pokémon types in the deck plus a couple of Special Energy cards. Majestic Dawn has new Special Energy cards that could go into any deck! Health Energy (94/100) and Recover Energy (96/100) offer recovery from damage and Special Conditions in addition to providing Colorless Energy. Perhaps even more sought-after will be Call Energy (92/100). Call Energy provides a Colorless Energy as well but also gives you the option of searching your deck for 2 Basic Pokémon, and putting them directly onto your Bench. Using this ability ends your turn, but it can easily set you up for the rest of the game!