Magic The Gathering Dragon's Maze Fat Pack

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Brand: Wizards of the Coast
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MTG Dragon's Maze Fat Pack includes a player’s guide with pictures of all cards in the pack as well as two full color deck boxes, nine 15-card booster packs, 80 basic land cards, and a special-edition life counter.




Magic The Gathering Dragon's Maze Fat Pack


Ten Guilds, One Destination!

A massive puzzle spans the city-world of Ravnica, and all ten guilds race to be the first to crack the mystery. Rumors abound that whoever navigates the maze of clues could command world-shaking power. Will your guild take the prize?



Magic The Gathering Dragon's Maze Fat Pack comes factory sealed.



Included in the MTG Dragon's Maze Fat Pack:

- 1 x Player's Guide with Complete Visual Encyclopedia
- 1 x Dragon's Maze Card Box
- 9 x MTG Dragon's Maze 15-Card Booster Packs
- 1 x 80-Card MTG Dragon's Maze Basic Land Pack
- 1 x MTG Dragon's Maze Special Edition Spindown Life Counter
- 2 x MTG Dragon's Maze Deck-sized Storage Boxes