Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Pack - Generation Force

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Generation Force is the first Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG booster set to include the all-new black border Xyz (pronounced ik-seez) monsters from the upcoming 4th generation TV series. These monsters are easier to Summon than Fusion or Synchro Monsters, and literally work well with EVERY Deck. All Duelists will want to have these new monsters on hand!

The first place to get the new monsters is in the 2011 Starter Deck: Dawn of the Xyz. Combine them with the cards in Generation Force for extra dominance. There are also some special cards for Extreme Victory that give players the tools they need to use their new monsters to their fullest potential.

100-card complete set: 48 Common Cards, 20 Rare Cards, 14 Super Rare Cards, 10 Ultra Rare Cards, 8 Secret Rare Cards