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In ancient times, a legion of evil souls were banished to the heavens, to endure centuries of imprisonment. Now they have seen the error of their ways, and the strongest of these souls have returned to Earth, to make things right and do penance for their crimes.

Returning to their original forms, each has also gained the power of a mighty animal spirit, which they can manifest through their legendary weapons. No longer merely men, these immortals now walk the earth as Beast-Warriors from the very heavens.

Cosmo Blazer brings you the first eleven of these souls, with weapons in their hands and animal spirits in their hearts, assembled together as The Brotherhood of the Fire Fist. Their mission: To cleanse the earth of evil with the fires of the heavens!

Many other exciting cards await you in Cosmo Blazer:

New Noble Knights
New Blackwings
New ZW Weapons
New Xyz & Syncro Monsters
And much, much more!